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Best Free App Lock for Android to Try in 2021


Best Free App Lock for Android to Try in 2021

Best Free App Lock for Android : Are you worry about your parents checking your phone, friends borrow your phone to play games with mobile data again! or someone reads your private data again? For all these situations you need a perfect app lock for your android phone.These smart lock apps provide a protection to your private data.here I am going to tell you 8 Best Free App Lock for Android to try in 2021.

Top Best Free App Lock for Android to Try in 2021

AppLock is the most downloaded app lock for Android in play store. It is the best protection app for Android which provides many premia like features free. The main extraordinary features of the AppLock are

A great feature of Time Lock: auto-lock/unlock according to time

AppLock – Fingerprint

Smart AppLock is an AppLocker or App Protector that will lock and protect apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint. Due to its many cool features, this app has got the second position in this list of best protection apps for android. Smart app lock provides you the feature to detect the intruder in your phone. If someone tries to enter the wrong password, it captures the snap of the intruder using the front camera. This locker app is worth checkout.

AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock

AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock is the App Lock designed by Cheetah Mobile. This app lock is one of the simple and light free app lock for android. The best thing about this protection app is it contains no annoying ads. it provides different lock timing such as when the device screen off, the device screen has been off for 3 mins after you minimize the app.

Norton App Lock

Norton app is the app lock provides by Norton security the same company behind Norton antivirus. norton app lock is mainly focused on the security of the user data. It is one the best protection app out there.

App Lock: Fingerprint Password

This app Securely protect and lock any app. This app is from the makers of Keepsafe, app security software used by 62 million people


Applock by IVY mobile is a smart app lock for those who just want a simple app lock with some great looking themes. This protection app provides invisible pattern lock. Using this you can lock your photos and videos so no one can see your private pictures.

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