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Speaker Cleaner - Remove Water, Dust & Boost Sound APK Download 2021


Speaker Cleaner - Remove Water, Dust & Boost Sound APK Download 2021

How many times have you tried to clean your smartphone speakers with cotton wool, sewing needles, or any other tool that is not suitable for that purpose? Well now, when you have Speaker Cleaner - Remove Water, Dust & Boost Sound app, Now forget these all old techniques, which are not suitable and can even break the speakers too. If water has unintentionally dropped on your mobile phone and reached your speakers then here we have an amazing solution for you which is the Repair My Speakers app. It’s the perfect remedy for
removing water from your speaker. This Application will create sounds and vibrations at various frequencies that will help you extract water from the speaker on your mobile phone. This application has functionality in which utilizes predefined frequency sine wave sounds to extract water from the speaker. Sound waves cause the speaker to vibrate and shake off the water that has been trapped in.
Salient Features of Speaker Cleaner - Remove Water, Dust & Boost Sound App:
☞ Remove water and clean speaker in seconds
☞ Fix speaker in 80 seconds
☞ The deep clean speaker in 140-150 seconds
☞ Over 80% success rate
☞ Auto mode
☞ Manual mode
☞ Vibration mode
In seconds, users can clean and remove water from the speaker. Users can choose between cleaning a loud or an ear speaker with a simple slider in this Application. This simple method of extracting water from the speaker is very easy to do and has a rate of success of over 80%. There are three cleaning modes like auto mode, manual mode, & vibration mode in this application.

Auto Cleaning Mode:-
→Auto cleaning mode is an automated process whereby water is removed from the speaker. Just one click of the button will fix your speaker in 80 seconds. There are also four modes of auto cleaning, in that first & the second mode fixes your speaker within 80 seconds and the third & fourth modes take approximately 140-150 sec to the deep clean speaker.

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