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old and young video diffrant:Time is the priceless money that God has gifted to every living being. Wise and hardworking humans use this gift given by God and lazy loses waste.Essay on Importance of time in Hindi The wheel of time always moves. Gone is the time that never comes back. is expensive. Learning to use it is the key to progress. There is also a saying - time never comes.

In order to make the best use of time, time should be fixed for doing every task. If we do all the work on time, then we will find how pleasant, peaceful and orderly our life is. We will never have to regret it. Those who do not understand the importance of time, make useless gossip, move around, do not work as planned, they fall behind in the race of life. None of their work is completed on time. Time slips by hand like dry sand and those hands remain rubbed. We cannot do anything after time runs out. Tulsidas has said, 'Rain when agriculture is dry' means that rain does not have any importance after drying of agriculture. Similarly, after the time is over, we cannot do anything, so we should finish all our work on time.

The importance of time is even more in the lives of students. Students who start regular studies from the beginning, do not waste time. They have no panic at the time of examination. He does not look at the armpits on seeing the form. He passes in good marks and success in every sphere of life kisses his steps.

The lifestyles of all the great people of the world that we are familiar with, tell us that they understood the value of time. He used every moment of life and time paid him full respect.

Essay on good use of time Samay ka sadupayog essay in Hindi 500 words

Time is the most precious thing in the world, which is lost once, but does not get it again. If we cannot use the time properly, then in life we ​​will not be able to achieve anything.

Time is the highest in our life, so we have to recognize the value of time and make good use of time. Time is very strong, a person who understands the importance of time, he will get success in life.

Time is the key to success. Time keeps on going at its own pace. Time does not wait for anyone, whether a king or a fakir, so we have to be punctual in time and do our tasks according to time, using time properly.

Waste of time is the biggest enemy in the way of success of life. We should avoid any of our work according to the time. Time only governs everyone, time always moves in the forward direction.

Kabir Das Ji had said - Kaal karei so kar aaj kar, kar karei ko, now the moment will be parale, bahuri karge kab ”If you avoid any work, you will not do it today and tomorrow, if you will do it tomorrow, then it will do a little The work will be more and when there is more then that work will be incomplete.

Use the time properly or else it gets destroyed. The use of time is more important than precious money.To make good use of time, one should cultivate a good habit from childhood, such as our daily work should be divided into several sections. According to the time, getting up, taking a bath, having breakfast, going to school, working, reading, sleeping, playing, exercising, etc. should be done at their regular time.The value of time is highest in puberty because time determines the future of youth. Those who understand the importance of time and make good use of it, they move forward in life and those who do not understand, they are left behind in life.

Time is limited

Everyone should understand the importance of time in their life and make good use of time. Time is limited in human life when a person wastes his time in futile work, then he comes to understand later when he is left behind in the success of life.

Everyone wishes to progress in his life, by using time properly, the poor can become weak, weak, strong and foolish scholar.


The person who uses time properly achieves success and the person who misuses time, is left behind in life, who does not understand the importance of time, then he never succeeds in life.

Essay on good use of time - essay on importance of time management in hindi language 1200 words

In English, the saying is Time is money, that is, time is money. Throughout his life, man keeps on trying relentlessly to earn money and attain Aishwarya. Finally; He gets the money. By following the advice of a doctor, exercise also reduces lost health. The separated companions of childhood meet again, but the moments of life once gone, they never meet again in this life. The cycle of time rotates continuously. Once the moment has passed, it does not come back.

Success in life is achieved only by those human beings who do not waste even a single time, but use it more and more. Now it is up to you how you use these valuable time - in sleep or in personal work, in learning or in controversy, in friendship or discord, in defense or in persecution. How great are Kabir's lines, indicating the invaluability of time -

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